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i role the window down... and then begin to breath

i always wonder if i could go back and change anything, would i? i mean seriously... are there not some things in your life that you wonder how the outcome would have been different? i know that everything happens for a reason and this is not about regrets, but about curiousity. we choose a new path each day and what if you could see the what the path held for you before you even took it? life would lose it's thrill i guess.

procrastination is not a good thing i'm telling you. i should be studying for my final or sleeping or something. i should be doing something other than listening to music and thinking about nothing.

i can't stop thinking it seems. good and bad thoughts are flowing from my fingers and for some reason... i don't want to stop it. for once i feel more like myself than ever. i actually know who i am, who i have been, and who i want to become. hopefully the obstacles will only help.
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