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computers suck

i hate my computer... i just updated and it didn't take it... stupid asshole computer makers.

i know she loves the sunrise...
no longer sees it with her sleepy eyes and...
i know that when she says she's gonna try,
well it might not work because of other ties and...
i know she usually has some other ties and...
i wouldn't want to break them, nah, wouldn't want to break them.
maybe she help me to untie this, but
until then well... i'm gonna have to lie too.
-jack johnson

so what i was doing was whining about how i don't like cheerleading because i don't fit in with those girls anymore and they really could care less about me and like any of you really care about that anyway.

bright side... jenna schulz:

JazDancer7825: you are probably giggling every time you picture him
JazDancer7825: lol
schulzy53: no im not
JazDancer7825: yeah right
schulzy53: im not like that
JazDancer7825: i can hear it
schulzy53: only u would do that
JazDancer7825: it's a he he thing
schulzy53: im shaking my head at u right now
JazDancer7825: the jenna schulz bachlorette laugh
schulzy53: i want to be a bachlorette
JazDancer7825: giggle giggle
schulzy53: imagine me saying that in the tune of i wanna be a supermodel
JazDancer7825: that would be pretty funny to see... you'd be like.. uh your stupid i hate you get off my show
schulzy53: haha probably
JazDancer7825: will you sing that for me tomorrow?
schulzy53: no
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